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Sili Uses for Silipints!

This list is always growing! We'd love to include your original ideas here, so please post them to our Facebook or Twitter page, or email us at

#1 - Football!

Perfect for tailgating or a pickup game in the park. Fill it, chug it, then go long! It spirals, it punts and if it hits a car, who cares!

#2 - Business cards!

Top of mind awareness for customers and clients who think you're awesome for giving them a Silipint. Just think; if your Rolodex was a cupboard or a freezer, you'd still be using it!

#3 - Stocking stuffers!

Santa, you're welcome!

#4 - Stress relief!

Squeeze, bounce, smoosh, throw it at the wall- let loose & give it your best effort!

#5 - Southern cooking!

Hot grease & gravy won't hurt Silipints; store the drippings in the freezer (instead of in the wine bottle, which can break!) and simply scoop it out when you're ready to fry up some chicken, hush-puppies and okra! Yum!!

#6 - Igloo maker or skylight!

Still waiting to capture the best sili-solar picture, but check out this video about creative building solutions that bring in the sunshine - the solar lighbulb idea!

#7 - Dishwasher buffers for wine glasses!

Stuff Silipints between wine glasses to protect the weaker glass material during the wash cycle.

#8 - Learn to juggle!

Easy to catch & throw, and it won't break! How many can you handle? Try it with an egg in the pint!

#9 - Cocktail mixer!

Shove the shaker on and hold around the rims if you're a beginner. You Can also squeeze the Silipint for a great pour if there are any fruits or ice that need to stay out of the cup.

#10 - Apres-ski frosty mug!

It keeps your hands warmer and your beers colder! A real treat for winter sports enthusiasts who know a how good a cold beer tastes after a day of mucking around.

#11 - Door stopper!

Squishable, bendable and most importantly, dishwasher-safe. Silipints can get you out of a jam!

#12 - Teething remedy!

Drool Catcher! BPA-free, unbreakable & 100% baby-and-mother approved, Silipints are for all ages!

#13 - Raffle ticket!

Number the Silipints at your party with a marker (dont worry, even Sharpie washes off with a sponge) then hold a raffle per usual. One person gets the big prize, but everyone goes home a winner!

#14 - Mimosa Popsicle maker!

Freeze 'em and watch as tasty popsicles easily pop out! Insulates & mess-free holder, all-in-one! Savor the treat, then put it back in the freezer for Round 2!

#15 - Packing peanuts + gift!

Squish between gifts or fill with breakables! These light, eco-friendly alternatives to packing peanuts are great gifts themselves, and approved for all travel! TSA, US Postal Service,FedEx, ocean carriers, etc- say silicone is safe!

#16 - Bacon grease collector!

Cleanup is easier, cleaner and safer! Great for drippings while camping!

#17 - De-rattler!

Incessant noises are the worst! Quiet the rattling can, the jingling keys, ticking chapstick or anything rolling around- especially great for cars & boats!

#18 - Funnel!

Squeeze the rim and make the perfect pour, every time! Small openings, such as found in flasks, can otherwise be a pain!

#19 - Toothbrush holder!

Have no fear of broken glass in the bathroom, especially with kids! Keep the toothbrushes cleaner, safer & out of the way. The frosted pint also helps to cover up toothpaste residue!

#20 - Water the plants!

Squeeze & bend into tricky-to-reach spots! Plants appreciate a good re-hydration as much as we do, so share some of your water with them as you walk by, Silipint in hand!

#21 - Votive candle holder!

For a romantic night, picnic under the stars, or in any emergency situation for that matter- Silipints put off a nice, warm glow, they won't burn or melt and wax is really easy to remove!

#22 - Poach an egg!

They do take a few minutes longer than normal, but you can use Silipints to cook up a gourmet egg, even in the great outdoors.

#23 - Re-heat coffee!

Perfect for a quick zap in the microwave to make it through your afternoon. Don't let coffee to go waste, don't worry about burning your hands on a ceramic mug- just grab & go, worry free!

#24 - Silent cheers!

College students, we know what you're thinking...Silipints are great study companions at the library!

#25 - Hot cocoa mug!

Heat milk in the microwave in your Silipint, add cocoa/fudge/syrup (how do you like it?), stir vigorously, enjoying the silence and aroma...without the loud clinking of the spoon! While it won't burn your hands, always be careful of hot liquids on your lips!

#26 - Hot pads!

Ever find yourself cooking with a dutch oven or cast iron skillet while camping, and the towels are out of reach? Save the day, grab your Silipint & hang on tight!

#27 - Smoothies!

Lose the spoon; just squish it out! Say NO to styrofoam! Freeze leftovers in a different Silipint, get ready to grab & go in the morning for a healthy and delicious breakfast!

#28 - Tradeshow swag!

Reusable, functional, memorable & unbreakable - perfect for traveling, your potential customers & new contacts will have a lasting, positive impression!

#29 - On-the-go companion!

Light, packable, eco-friendly, durable and fun! Make your picnic or joy-ride into a party!

#30 - Sili-Drinking Games!

Bounce it, flip it, ping pong into it, chug from it, pass it- check out our Sili-Drinking Games for more fun than you can shake a stick at!
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