Drink Up Pint, by CM EVRYBDY | $12.95
Think Snow Pint, By CM EVRYBDY | $12.95
On the Rocks Pint, by CM EVRYBDY | $12.95
Glow-in-the-Dark Pint | $12.95
Football Laces #4 Pint | $11.25
Football Laces #8 Pint | $11.25
Twenty-Six.Two Pint | $10.95
Nascar Pint | $11.95
Namaste Pint | $10.95
Adventure Pint | $10.95
Reduce, Reuse, Rehydrate Pints | $11.25
Nature's Skyscraper Pint | $11.25
Straight Up Pint | $9.95
Football Pint | $11.25
American Patriot Flag Pint | $11.95
Bend Pint | $10.95
RU? On-On Hash House Harrier Pint | $11.25
RV Camper Pint | $10.95
Bamboo Pint | $11.25
Grasses & Flowers Pint | $11.25
State of Oregon Pint | $10.95
World Map Pint | $11.25
Shamrock Pint | $10.95
Sunflower Pint | $10.95
Happy Camper Measuring Pint | $11.25
That's Amore Pint by L. Smith | $12.95
Desert Wonders Pint by. S. Ucedae | $12.95
Mix Well Or Not At All Pint by R. Lee-Carman | $12.95
Sayulita Pint by S. Dorris, Frosted White | $12.95
Bend's Old Mill District 2012 Collection - Earth Pint | $8.95
Dancing Steelhead Pint by M. Ebbing | $12.95
Elephant Pint by E. Gray | $12.95
Octopus Pint by S. Dorris | $12.95

Hold 16 ounces of joy in beer glasses as unbreakable as your spirit. You’ll find yourself toasting to friendship more often–celebrating with people you’ve just met. So, come on! Cups Up to drinking glasses that are brim-full with cheer.

Sili Times Near & Far
It's Win It Wednesday! Sparkling toasts or hoppy cheers? Share what you'll be enjoying in your thanksgiving cup in the comments below to be entered to win a pair of half pints. Winner will be announced on Friday! Please like and regram for extra chances to win. Here's a toast to your smiles Sili-ness! Unbreakably adventurous, these photos are all from our wonderful Instagram community. Thank you @delilahjune @burlapmermaides @ber805 @thesmartaleck @bendbrewdaddy @philjacquesphoto @vgneric @octopus_ink_clothing @bigskybrewing @benbeersnob @clarkie09 @busch2036 @freshpints @brew20mjo @wymainbend @mcolboth @ddd02630 @surlyoldman @nwrafting @egddad @rx7racergirl Care to join us in a celebratory beverage? #mtbachelor is open for the season! These "How Now Mr.Pow" Half Pints feature designs by #inbend's @stickfort Something special for everyone! #giftideas #sale (Getting ready for cyber Monday) Did you know that #November is #bendaletrailmonth? Everyone who completes the ale trail gets a trophy with their #silipint. That's right, a trophy! ๐Ÿ†What are you waiting for? It's a perfect time to take this epic #craftbeer odyssey #inbend! NEW! #Silipint and @drinktanks sets. Which color do you want? Details at silipint.com โ€‹This just in from the #racetrack โ€“#4 looking good but #11 currently in points lead. Still some laps to go here @HomesteadMiami Speedway. | Thanks Erik! | #NASCAR #Silipint #Homesteadspeedway #WIN one of our new Artist Series Silipints celebrating The Great Outdoors. Here's how: 1. Follow us @silipint 2. Like this pic. 3. Share one of your favorite outdoor activities in the comments. We'll announce the winner on Sunday. #DrinkUp #ThinkSnow #Havefun #LifeIsBetterSili And #snow it begins, in #Oregon! Anyone else hitting the cocoa with gusto this morning? On a related note, how fun is this new design? It's one of a trio, the latest in our Artist Series celebrating The Great Outdoors. Look for a chance to #win one of your own in our Friday #giveaway! Here's to three of my favorite things: #Sundays #IPA #Football How are you celebrating International #StoutDay? Over here it's @BaseCampBrewing S'more Stout #yes #morecelebrationsplease Introducing Sili-Straws! Bendable, reusable and perfect for your next sip or swig. #lifeisbettersili Loving this #instashare! Bridge of Sighs | #Venice #Italy | ๐Ÿ“ท credit Ann E. | We love Mondays too! #Silipint #LifeIsBetterSili TAG a friend! You both could win our NEW glow in the dark silishots! Here's how: 1. Follow us @silipint 2. Like this pic. 3. Tag a friend in the comments and tell us what you'll be drinking. We'll announce winner tomorrow! #taggingforthewin NEW! Inspired hydration: the Twenty Six.Two Silipint available at silipint.com #marathon #runhappy Match your #Silipint to your favorite #beer - because you can. Only the good stuff, please. #BPAFree #lifeisbettersili In honor of Oregon #Football, #unbreakable pints for game days, tailgating and celebrating! ๐Ÿˆ Thinking about the next #craftbrew for our kegerator. Any suggestions? #regram via @bendbrewdaddy 'twas a successful wood cutting expedition with friends at Three Sisters Backcounry. Time to celebrate. #Sililife #Oregon