Opaque Straight Up Pint | $9.95
Glow-in-the-Dark Pint | $12.95
Twenty-Six.Two Pint | $10.95
Nascar Pint | $14.99
Namaste Pint | $10.95
Adventure Pint | $10.95
Nature's Skyscraper Pint | $11.25
Translucent Straight Up Pint | $9.95
Bend Pint | $10.95
State of Oregon Pint | $10.95
World Map Pint | $11.25
Kyle Busch Nascar Pint | $12.25
Matt Kenseth Nascar Pint | $12.25
Denny Hamlin Nascar Pint | $12.25

Hold 16 ounces of joy in beer glasses as unbreakable as your spirit. You’ll find yourself toasting to friendship more often–celebrating with people you’ve just met. So, come on! Cups Up to drinking glasses that are brim-full with cheer.

Sili Times Near & Far
Planning a wedding or event? Check out the custom pints this adorable couple ordered for their wedding in Mexico! #fiesta #lifeisbettersili #cheerstomanyyears Win it Wednesday! We are giving away a set of our new colorful rock glass designs. To win, like this photo and tag a friend! #lifeisbettersili Another #Sili-use, using #Silipints to be taller! #lifeisbettersili Check out silipint.com for fresh off the press beautiful patterns in four different colors! Perfect for #poolparties #bbqs #patioparties #entertaining Fast laps is today's happs! Kicking off #Nascar season with cold bev in hand? Us too. Cups up to lots of fast left hand turns in today's #DAYTONA500 Enjoying a snow day @mtbachelor . Life is better with sili friends! #lifeisbettersili Sharing a little @alaskanbrewing #paleale with our friends on a #Friday. Cheers to the #weekend! Our friends @foottrafficpdx put Silipints to use this weekend boiling water. Share your pics with us so we can see all the fun things you are doing with a silipint! #lifeisbettersili #silipint Like, comment and tag a friend for a chance to win these half pints! #winitwednesday #lifeisbettersili Sipping in the sunshine, Driving down the coastline. Cocktails that are made just right, Having your favorite #silipint "Believe that you can and you're halfway there."-Theodore Roosevelt. Wishing you a Happy Presidents' Day. A special thanks to @octopus_ink_clothing for the amazing week of #igtakeover #lifeisbettersili Last day of my Silipint takeover. Thanks for letting me join your feed for the week! I hope to see you all again sometime soon! Guest instagrammer @octopus_ink_clothing #igtakeover #silipint #lifeonthebeach #sayulita #heart #livewhatyoulove Day 6 of my Silipint take over. My favorite staircase is Sayulita. It's located behind a giant heart door. Love! Happy ❤️ day! Ps... We couldn't choose just one winner for our kraken cup giveaway, so we chose two :) @urbantreehouse.tv & @sueight8 . Thanks for ❤️ us! Please email your mailing address to heart@octopusinkclothing.com. Xoxo Guest instagrammer @octopus_ink_clothing #igtakeover #silipint #heart #octopusinkclothing Day 5 of my Silipint take over. Hot sand, warm sea, and a cold beach margarita...Happy Friday! Guest instagrammer @octopus_ink_clothing #igtakeover #silipint #lifeisbettersili #MeganMakesTheBestMargaritas #sayulitalife Day 4 of my Silipint take over: Block Printing 101. Barefoot and loaded up with a backpack of art supplies, I hiked across town yesterday to teach a fun group of yogis the art of block printing. We carved, inked, printed, and created beautiful things. There was a lot of laughing involve. I #lovemyjob. Guest instagrammer @octopus_ink_clothing #igtakeover #silipint #lifeisbettersili #feelinginspired #yogamargi #blockprinting #mexico Day 3 of my Silipint take over. Silipint has a "Win it Wednesday" tradition that I'd like to carry on during my take over. So... follow our pages, post some fun comments, and regram to win one of my turquoise Kraken cups! I'll chose a winner on ❤️ day! Ps..I'm headed out to teach a block printing class and dropping a few invitations along the way. I always travel with a roll of tape :). Guest instagrammer @octopus_ink_clothing #igtakeover #silipint #winitwednesday #lifeisbettersili #octopus #turquoise #casaterramar #octopusinkclothing Day two of my Sili take over... What kick starts my creativity? Taking a dip in the sea. There is something about being weightless, on top of one world and under another, that gets my brain going. Lately, hundreds of pelicans have been feeding around me on my daily swim. Their strength and force when they hit the water is impressive. Seeing it from the fish's point of view is exhilarating. I started this drawing a few days ago.There's still work to be done on it, but I like how he's starting to take shape. Guest instagrammer @octopus_ink_clothing #igtakeover #silipint #livingontheedge #luringmeouttosea #pelican #sayulitalife #mexicoliving octopusinkclothing Hello Silipint friends! Thanks for letting me join your photo stream for the week. I'm excited to give you a glimpse into things I create and the inspiration path that leads me there. Welcome to my #siliadventure! Today's inspiration- turquoise and hearts. Sayulita, Mexico has an abundance of both! Guest instagrammer @octopus_ink_clothing #igtakeover #silipint #octopusinkclothing We are so excited to announce that starting tomorrow @octopus_ink_clothing will be taking over our Instagram for the week! Shara is a friend of Silipint and an amazing artist. Check out our artist series at silipint.com to see her beautiful designs! Our friends @newportavemarket have such a fun selection of Silipints! #colorful #silipint #bend #togo