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Silipints: Virtually Unbreakable

We don’t casually use the word “indestructible.” Silipint is where adorable meets a-durable. Where you’ll find drinkware that has been travel tested, kid tested, steamroller tested, dog tested and trail tested. They won’t chip, scratch or crack. In fact, they’re so strong we offer a lifetime guarantee on them.

Is Silicone The Best Material in the Entire Universe*?

Yes. Unlike glass which shatters, metal which dents and plastic which leaches chemicals, Silipint products offer nearly unbreakable strength and pleasing flexibility through the power of silicone. Made from silica (aka sand), one of the earth’s most abundant natural resource, silicone is incredibly strong and safe and can withstand both heat and cold. It has insulating properties welcome in a cup and it comes in an array of delightful colors. *While this hasn’t been “scientifically” proven, our polling of people at nearby desks indicates it is likely true

Where can I use my Silipint cup?

Oh, Grasshopper, where can’t you use your Silipint? Here is a short list of places and conditions your Silipint will happily go and withstand:
  • Ovens
  • Fire
  • Freezers
  • Microwaves
  • Wolves and bears (maybe)
  • Dishwashers
  • Frozen in glaciers
  • Daycare
  • Road trips
  • Bachelor parties
  • Mountaineering
  • The Grand Canyon
  • The surface of the sun (this is a guess, feel free to test it)
  • That one weekend

How many times can I reuse my Silipint cup?

Pretty much forever. Because Silipint products are so tough, you can use them over and over again for years. They’re an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic, paper and Styrofoam cups and take the place of many one-time-use containers. You won’t ever throw them away, both because they’ll remain useful and because you’ll become so attached, it would be like throwing away your best friend.

How durable is the branding on my custom Silipint?

Let’s put it this way: we hope you don’t change your logo anytime soon. Once your brand has been locked onto a Silipint, it’s there for good. Forever. For the ages. The bond between your logo and our silicone is as strong as the bond between you and your Silipint: it’ll stand the test of time. That’s just one reason Silipints make such great give-aways! They’re different, they’re fun, they’re interesting and they’ll proudly bear your image until the Seven Horseman appear on the horizon.
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