Environmental Care

You care about the environment and we do too! Silipints are a wonderfully unbreakable and reusable alternative to plastic, paper, and styrofoam cups.
From the materials we use, to the production facilities, and the varied ways each cup is used and reused, Silipints are epically environmentally conscious.  Silicone is made from materials that exist in abundance –  the same materials that make up the earth’s crust, rather than limited resources like petroleum that needs to be drilled out of the ground to make plastic cups. 
Our products are ethically produced in factories that are both ISO 9001 and 12001 compliant for environmental and labor practices, and we have company representatives visit our operations regularly.
Reuse is an essential factor in the sustainability equation and Silipints are the ultimate in multi-use cups. Silipints are as unbeatably versatile in their uses as they are durable.  
Silipints are recyclable too! If ever you’re done with your Silipint, simply give us a shout.  We’ll have you send it back to us at our expense and we will ensure it gets to one of the silicone recycling facilities with which we have strategic alliances right here in the United States!


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