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Insulating Drinkware

Insulate and Hydrate.

Silipints aren’t just colorful, flexible and strong: they’re also insulated drinkware. We feel that insulation meets some basic human needs, needs like hot coffee on Mondays mornings and cold beer on Friday nights. So if you’re standing around the campfire, the tailgate or the buffet table, your hands stay comfortable and your beverage stays the temperature it was meant to be with Silipint.

Wait, I need a lid.

Spill a lot? Need to take it to go? Have kids? We’ve got you covered, literally. We will literally cover your drink with a Silicone Travel Lid custom-designed to fit your Silipint. So, we’re saying we’ve got insulated cups with lids that are also colorful and fun and can be used in a million other ways.

A million other uses?

Yes, give or take. Silipints insulate so well, they’ll keep your beverage at its preferred temperature- duh- but you can also use them as hot pads around the grill, to bake in, as candleholders, to melt butter over the campfire, to reheat your leftovers in the microwave, to freeze extra large ice cubes for your scotchy scotch scotch…

You know those little cardboard sleeves baristas put around disposable coffee cups?

Yeah, at Silipint, we don’t use those. One, they’re super wasteful and we’re real hippies and two, our Silipints are insulated coffee cups already! In fact, even iced coffees or those fancy frozen coffees will maintain a comfortable temperature snuggled in a Silipint.
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