How It Started.

Wanting to serve beer at his company’s trade show booth to promote Tazlab’s new travel silicone Aqua-Fur Dog Bowl, Rick Fredland discovered an incredible hole in the drinkware market. The simple, durable and versatile silicone material, he thought, could make a perfect pint “glass” marketing piece, if he could customize it.

Risks were taken, creativity was encouraged, people forged together, and a drinkware company, specializing in silicone drinking cups (and later, straws, lids and bowls) was born in Bend.

What We Believe.

Culture is at the heart of our Bend based drinkware company. We strive to inspire audible joy, to spark curiosity, and to encourage resourcefulness through the simplicity of unbreakable and reusable silicone drinking cups, bowls and straws.

With a penchant for being resourceful, kind and often playful, we’re here to create functional products that stimulate smiles, and jobs that we all love coming to each day.

Where We're Going.

We hope to put a Silipint silicone drinking cup, bowl and straw in every household near and far, and provide unbreakable joy along the way.

We are here to set the model for what it means to live out loud and to choose a Sili Life. We find value in being different and knowing that life is meant to be fun. Caring about how we live opens up opportunity and growth, all of which contributes to the positive impact we strive to make to the people and world around us.

This Is Who We Are.

Cultivate Creativity.

Live Out Loud.

Inspire Simplicity.

Strive For Proficiency.

Have Fun With Every Relationship.


We set big goals, roll up our sleeves, and get after it. We try new things and approach life with humor and generosity. Kindness is at the core of our team and shared by the people we meet along the way.

Meet the Crew

Unimog Adventures.

Diesel powered, generator and propane equipt, with huge tires, full suspension, and a fresh wrap, our Unimog represents the durable, adventurous and unique nature of Silipint! If you’d like to see her in a city near you, email us or reach out on Instagram to find out more the upcoming travels.

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Good Humans Wanted.

We are a productive, innovative, and fun company created by the contributions of all employees. Our values define our interactions, and our interactions define our success, and our success is limited only by our creativity and motivation.

Cupster Careers

What’s the Word?

We’re grateful for the creative and objective peers around the world who have taken the time to review and write about our products. We raise a pintful to you.