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Do You Have A Unique Dad?

Author: The Silipint Team

Dads are pretty great. Great at slaying our spiders, assembling our dorm room furniture, embarrassing our middle schoolers and saying ‘yes’ to building a Nerf gun arsenal. You know what’s not so great? The really ho-hum gifts that poor old pops tend to receive for Fathers’ Day. After all, there are only so many barbeque tongs, novelty hats and mildly insulting cards any dude needs. This year, why not get Dad a gift he’ll a) actually enjoy and b) is as fun and great as he is?

We propose the following: Silipints. Any size, any color, any dad. It’s the easiest math ever. For example:

Dad likes blue + Dad like to fish + Dad likes beer = Dad gets a Blue Steelhead Silipint for his favorite beverage.

Adventure Dad

silipint at Trilium Lake, OR-11 (1)

If Dad loves camping, hiking, hunting or any other outdoor activity, Silipints are a great companion for any adventure. They’re sturdy, flexible and useful all over the campsite. They’ll keep hot things warm and cold things cool and, speaking of cool, they’re way cooler than those cutoff shorts Dad pulls out of God-knows-where for every camping trip.

Retired Dad (or your hobbyist father in-law)

Life’s retired Dad’s swanky oyster, and a Silipint is the perfect thing for him to use on the boat, on the golf course or in the RV. Shatterproof, apolitical and with plenty of hip street cred, Silipints can roll with your father of leisure from the buffet to shuffle board to cocktail hour. And you don’t have to talk about the election.

untitled (42 of 52)

New Dad

New Dad wants the save the world for his precious little one, so Silipints are the perfect gift. Infinitely reusable, made from Earth-friendly components and perfect for a lot of jobs, Silipints have a teensy, tiny environmental footprint. They’ll also work like a dream to warm up that milk for feedings in the middle of the night and are toddler-proof (trust us) once Baby gets a little older.

Sports Dad

Yelling at the refs on TV, coaching Little League and supporting his favorite teams (real or fantasy), Sports Dad loves the sportsball. Lucky for you, so do Silipints! Whether you want to get Dad something branded with his favorite team logo, something he can use over and over in the stands or on the couch, or something that’s soft so no one gets hurt if he throws it, Silipits have you covered, rah! rah! rah!

Handy Dad

The sink has a leak? Great news! That lawn needs mowing? Fantastic! Dad’s workbench is his happy place, his tool collection is his pride and joy and he really hears “DIY” as “DIM”. You know, “Did it Myself.” Handy Dad could use one more tool in his tool kit: a Silipint. As endlessly useful and handy as he is, he may need to customize that tool belt with a cup holder.

Just Dads

If the dad in your life doesn’t fit into any specific category but you still think he deserves a rad gift, Silipints are still a great go-to. A Silipint will hold fishing worms, hot soup, nacho cheese, microbrews, macro-brews, bacon grease…the list of things is endless, just like the list of reasons the unique dad in your life deserves a super cool gift.

20130915 -09152013 silipint bbq-277-Edit

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