Fall Festivities: Don’t Forget the Cocktails

Whether you jump for joy or feel a tinge of grief the first morning you step out on the porch and see your breath, we’ve got your back. The leaves are changing and your tan is fading because fall is officially here. We know it’s hard to want to leave your warm pajamas, but don’t let the hibernation vibes take over just yet.

It’s time for a beautiful season that brings us delicious cocktails like Irish Coffees, festive apple ciders, and fancy hot chocolates. Of course, the colorful leaves, eccentric pumpkins, and campfires are nice too! So get your layers on and get outside for some fun, Silipint style.

Apple Picking

Enjoy one of fall’s quintessential and delicious beverages, perfect for any age: apple cider. When we say “apple cider”, what we mean is deep, dark, cloudy brown cider that’s made from one thing: fresh apples. We don’t mean anything from a packet, anything from concentrate, anything you can see through or anything that contains a single extra ingredient. Find a local orchard, or take a mini road trip to go apple picking. This is perfect for adults, kids, even awkward first dates. When you get home, fire up the crockpot and let the fun begin.

  • Here is an easy recipe for hot apple cider that will also have your home smelling like a cinnamon sensation

Opinions may vary, but we think the best way to enjoy this recipe is around a campfire in the backyard. Invite your friends and neighbors over and heck, if it’s Friday, take it to the next level and add a little bit of whiskey to stay extra warm!

Silipint Cheers

Tailgating Party

There’s no better way to kick off the turning of the leaves than with an awesome tailgate party. If you haven’t read our previous blog on how to be the Ultimate Sili-Fan, that’s ok, we’ve got a few pointers in this one too.

  • Set up some yard games to keep the blood flowing, it can be quite cold for the early games. Cornhole and a DIY football toss always spark good competition. You can even use your Silipints as a football, they are impressively aerodynamic.
  • Bring along a thermos with hot chocolate. A Drinktank works great to keep it hot throughout all the tailgating fun. Then, as everyone starts to lose all hope for warmth, be a hero and bust out your supply of Silipints. Tasters and Rocks are great sizes for sharing. Pass around the growler of hot chocolate for everyone to splash into their cups.

Share with Silipints

  • Now for those of you looking to take your hot chocolate game all the way to the end zone, we found a delicious list of recipes for you. Whether you prefer Bailey’s, Kahlua, or even Red Wine, yes that’s apparently a thing, this blog has some fudging good recipes.

Camping Under the Harvest Moon

Fall is a beautiful time to cozy up with friends and family around a campfire. The forest is full of colors and the mountains in the distance are dusted with snow. However, these beautiful views come at a chilly price. With a little extra nip in the air we do recommend you gear up with the following:

    • Cozy blankets are a must! Mom and dad’s Pendelton would be great, but if you can’t get away with that, just create a stockpile of whatever you’ve got lying around. Tell everyone to bring all the extra blankets they have just in case some get damp in the morning.
    • Also, nothing feels better in the cold than a hot meal. Pack up your cooler with an assortment of brats, shrimp skewers, and corn and you’re ready for a grilling good time. You can even use your Silipints to melt the butter right on the grill for a glutenous glaze on your dinner.

    Silipints on the Grill

    • Don’t forget to quench your thirst. Pair your hot meals with a good beer to share. All you need is a growler fill and your handy car camping set of Silipints and you’ll be ready to bundle up to a good ghost story at sunset.

So if you’re already counting the days until the Spring Equinox or you’re actually excited for the first snowfall, the best way to get through these next couple of months is by planning a few adventures. The cocktails might help too.