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Surprise Them! The Best College Midterms Gift Pack

Author: The Silipint Team
College Bound

Think back (way back for some of us) to when you headed off to college. Remember how you were sure you were ready for anything…until you unpacked? With that thought in mind, we’ve curated a pretty amazing back to campus care package that goes above and beyond the pen and paper restock to ensure high spirits for midterms. Cue the fight song and get ready to elevate gift giving.


Send them off with Silipints in different sizes and add a couple Silicone Travel Lids so they don’t dump their coffee during late night cramming and cause an epic desk flood (supposedly it’s the most used excuse for not handing in homework). Plus, with a spill-proof lid, a Tumbler Base works perfectly as a soup container so they can bring lunch to class when there’s no time for cafeteria lines!

Silipint uses around campus go way beyond beverage receptacle. A colorful catch-all for pens, highlighters, scissors and more. A great way to keep toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss from becoming community property. Eww. Functionality make Silipints a dorm room must, from beverage and snack containers, to an inspiring splash of color on their desk, and most importantly, a reminder from home that they are loved and will indeed survive this first semester!

Desk Organizer

Healthy snacks

Let’s be honest. College students aren’t known for making stellar food choices. Pack some tasty treats that will fuel their day better than anything they could find in the vending machine. Trail mix, chocolate dipped dried fruit, air-popped corn and nut butters are sure to cure the midnight munchies. Got someone heading to a faraway school? Add a couple of their favorite local snacks to remind them of home.

Microwavable Silipints

Itty bitty tool box

Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried to assemble flat box furniture with the “tools enclosed”. Not delightful. Give them a hammer, screwdrivers, measuring tape, level and pliers and they’ll be DIY dorm wonders. Extra credit for including removable adhesive hooks so they dodge year-end wall damage fines.

First aid kit

You don’t need a bottle of the pink stuff until you really need a bottle of the pink stuff. Help them avoid a late-night dash to the drug store with a stash of pain relievers, bandages, antiseptic ointment, cough drops and thermometer. Maybe also include a natural hangover remedy. You know, just in case they fill those Silipints with something a little higher octane than soda.


We don’t know a single college student who would turn away a wad of cash. Here are some creative ways to fatten their wallets. Slip in a sleeve of quarters so they have one less excuse to not do their own laundry. Gift cards to off-campus restaurants mean a welcome break from the cafeteria’s culinary calamities. Or, give a gift card to their school’s bookstore with instructions to spend it on something unacademic, like team spirit schwag.

Don’t forget to think outside the basket when you bundle up all these treasures. Tuck everything into a laundry tote, desk organizer or gym bag (in their school colors) for a super functional, thoughtful gift that will be the envy of everyone on campus.

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