A Tailgate Triumph For The Ultimate Fan

Tailgate Ideas Inspired by Silipints

Fall is right around the corner which means it’s time for…football!!! (No, we were NOT going to say “everything pumpkin spice”.) If you’re ready to step up your tailgating game, send in Silipints for the win. We’ve got tailgating ideas for you that will make your team proud.

Keep your beer near. Admit it. Beer is at least half the reason you tailgate. But all those bottles sure do look the same so if you set yours down, good luck with that. Instead, pack a stack of Silipints and give everyone a different color. Better yet, customize your Silipint by writing on it with chalk and, just like that, no more accidentally grabbing Bud’s light. Plus, with our XL Travel Lids, there’s no danger of spillage while you wave and rave as your team gets another touchdown!

Healthy it up… a little. For those who could use a break from bottomless chips, gooey cheese and everything meat found at every tailgating party, may we suggest using a Silipint Squeeze-a-Bowl as personal, portable veggie holders? Pour a little ranch or bleu cheese in the bottom of each one, then add baby carrots, pea pods, and celery sticks. Goodbye double dippers and gloppy dressing running all over your plate.

Tailgating in the parking lot? Don’t forget to eat! Typically, too much beer in the parking lot and not enough food will most certainly cause you to miss the actual game. With a portable grill, a few homemade oatmeal packets, and unbreakable Silipint Squeeze-a-Bowls, you can refuel in no time.

Put the oatmeal in your Squeeze-a-Bowl, heat up water on your grill and pour into the Squeeze-a-Bowl for an energy-boosting snack that will get you through the game.

What is a tailgate party without a little Beer pong?

Sober or not so much, it’s pretty darn entertaining.

But those red plastic cups are so tippy, not to mention eco-unfriendly. Silipints stand up to the fun no matter how physical the game gets. And for the super competitive bunch, our different sized cups make the challenge progressively harder. Start with Pints, move on to Half Pints, then finish up by taking aim at the Silishots.

Game on!

They can take the heat. Early morning tailgaters, we see you and your sad, cold coffee. Pour that tepid brew in a Silipint and pop it on the grill ‘til it’s piping hot. Got butter to melt or sauce that needs to stay steamy? Silipints make a great saucepan stand-in. They’re also outstanding pot holders (no, not that kind). Slide one over the panhandle and grab without fear of sear.

Who forgot the football??? Hey, it happens to even the best tailgaters, but it doesn’t have to sideline your fun. Silipints make most excellent footballs. Punt it, spike it, send it for a spiral. You can’t do that with a regular old pint glass, now can you? And, the springy structure gives you a grip that any quarterback would envy. Go long and have an amazing season, whoever you’re cheering for!