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It’s Time to Bundle Up, Winter Adventures Await

Author: The Silipint Team

Yikes, have you stepped out onto your frosted porch recently?

It is chilly out there.

While staying warm in your pajamas seems more reasonable than putting on snow pants and embracing the icy air, we’re going to suggest it anyways. There are just some snowfall views you won’t get from under your blankets, and are definitely worth a trek through powder.

20131123 -silipint in snow-40-color (1)

Get ready, because we’re suggesting you bundle up and head outside to embrace winter at its finest, in the snow. We’ve got a few ideas to get you outside, including winter hiking adventures, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.

First, getting the right gear.

If you don’t currently have the gear in your garage it doesn’t mean you should wave goodbye to winter fun. The key to checking out a new potential hobby is thrifting. Outdoor gear thrift stores are awesome places to find inexpensive cold weather gear. Buying used gear will save you money and keep the commitment manageable while you’re still testing out the activity.

Then, when you decide you enjoy something in particular, keep an eye out for “ski swaps” at the beginning of the winter season the following year, or end of winter sales. They’re usually put together by ski shops or clubs in your area and sometimes include great new gear at discounted rates.

Then, preparing to hit the trails.

Think Snow

Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they’re not there. Whether hiking, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing, there are forest and urban trails specifically groomed and created for different sports. In some areas, you can even find dog-friendly trails to bring your four-legged friends along.

The best way to find winter trails is to do a Google search that looks like this:

“Your location (i.e. Bend, OR) + Winter activities (i.e. snowshoeing trails)” → the first result that pops up for us is the website “Visit Bend”, which breaks down winter activities by sport and place.

Once you’ve decided on a trail, we recommend you acquire a trail map and permit. Sometimes the trail maps are available on the website or at the trailhead, but you’ll want to call ahead and make sure so you don’t show up and then venture out blindly.

Lastly, soaking in the moments.

There are so many reasons to do this, right? Getting outside to breathe fresh air, listen to the quiet of winter, see nature in hibernation mode not only resets the body, decreases stress and increases fitness, it just generally feels good to the soul.

Ridgetop View

Ridgetop views, snowball fights among friends, peaceful pine trees dusted in powder are just a few of the experiences you may encounter. Take advantage of these moments, they won’t last all year.

Spend quality time with your closest friends during a nighttime snowshoeing adventure. Bring along a delicious spiced mulled wine with a set of Stemless Wine Glasses, and once you get to a clearing of the night sky, take a moment to pass out the wine, and cheers to the good company you keep.

If you’re on a cross-country skiing trip with the family, pack a thermos of hot chocolate and bring a set of Half Pints for everyone to enjoy at the halfway point. It’ll get everyone energized, warm and toasty for the home stretch.

Want to let us know your favorite gear, trail and moment of this winter!? You could win Resolution Rewards for sharing your adventures with us on Instagram. Just follow and tag @Silipint and use #ChooseSili #BeKind and #LiveOutLoud.

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