Environmental Care

You care about the environment and we do too! Silipints are a wonderfully safe and reusable alternative to plastic, paper, and styrofoam cups. From the materials we use, to the production facilities, and the varied ways each cup is used and reused, Silipints are epically environmentally conscious.

Eco-friendly Silicone Material:

Silicone is made from materials that exist in abundance – the same materials that make up the earth’s crust, rather than limited resources like petroleum that needs to be drilled out of the ground to make plastic cups. Silicone, in the form of a rubberlike substance, is a material composed of silicon, carbon hydrogen and oxygen, and a curing catalyst, used to harden the liquid like silicone substance into the desired shape. Silicon, the principal material in silicone is the eighth most common element in the universe. It’s widely distributed in dusts and sands as various forms os silicon dioxide (silica) or silicates. In the Earth’s crust, silicon exists as the second most common element after oxygen, making up 27.7% of the outer layer by mass. To simplify- Silipints aren’t made out of precious resources that need to be drilled out of the ground like their petroleum- or metal-based competitors – they are made from materials that exist in abundance and are the same material as the earth’s crust- now isn’t that earthy?!

Reduce & Reuse:

Unlike throw-away coffee cups (even those that are recyclable) reuse is an essential factor in the sustainability equation to decrease the amount of waste on the planet. Since Silipints are the ultimate in multi-use cups and as unbeatably versatile in their uses as they are durable, they take the place of any one-time counterpart, and folks just won’t want to throw them away. We have many event-based customers that use Silipints as prizes and re-fillable cups that greatly reduce the waste generated by attendees. We have wedding venues that boast reduced cleanup, safer grounds and happier vendors when Silipints are being used. Silipints are recyclable, but not curbside. If ever you’re done with your Silipint, simply give us a shout. We’ll have you send it back to us at our expense and we will ensure it gets to one of the silicone recycling facilities here in the United States.
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