Insulates Hot & Cold

Insulates Silipints are great insulators, keeping your coffee hotter and your beer colder, all the while keeping your hands comfortably, well, comfortable. Heat Safe Silipints can take the heat. Silicone is the ultimate in heat safe – it can withstand temperatures up to 500 °F (260 °C). Set them on a hot grill, use them to grip your hot dish, or scoop some muffin batter and pop them in the oven. They won’t melt and they’ll protect your hands from the harsh. Avoid direct flames on a fire and don’t sit them on top of a burner. They are completely microwave safe, of course, and although hot to touch when removing, they will not scald like glass, ceramics or plastics. Beware of boiling hot liquids in all cases. Cold Safe Silipints love the freezer. They’re cold-safe and ready for you when you want to pour yourself a frosty one, scoop ice, or make Popsicle and snow cone delights. They’ll keep your smoothies chilled, ice cream cold and provide a simple solution for storing grease for reuse. They won’t crack and they won’t break but they’ll probably make you smile.
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