Are Silipint products trademarked or patented?
Yes. All products are registered Trademarks of Silipint and are patented. The patents cover the broad range of semi-rigid silicone drinkware.
Aren’t Silipint products too squishy? Won’t I spill my drink?
Great question. Silipint products are indeed malleable & packable, but they’re sturdier than you think! A 12oz or 14oz pour sits safely in a Silipint, especially if held from the bottom or middle of the glass. Shots are sturdier yet, but when you really squeeze em, like, if you’re trying to get the rest of your Jell-O shot to goop out, they will flex.
How should I clean Silipint products?
Our products are easy to clean and can take a beating! Rinse with soap and water; throw them in the dishwasher; or take a garden hose to ’em; All of the above are acceptable wash methods.
What ink is used and how are they printed?
Silipint products are printed with a silicone-based ink which forms a bond with the silicone. This means that logos and artwork will never wear off or fade. The disadvantage, however, is that each color of these silicone-based inks must cure at different temperatures, requiring each color has its own screen. This is why Silipint products are limited to one or two-color prints for most orders, and include a setup fee per color.
Does silicone have an odor or a taste?
By nature, food-grade silicone is odorless, non-porous and tasteless. However, rarely our products put off a ‘new car’ type smell typical of rubber-materials. This smell does dissipate with time. Oddly, washing does little to help the pints air out; the only known remedy is good, old-fashion fresh air.
Are Silipint products safe to drink from?
Absolutely! Our products are BPA-free, non-toxic, FDA-approved (tested), hypo-allergic and sterilized. We’re talking about 100% food-grade silicone, the same material used in baby sippy lids – super safe! Quality control inspections are utilized both internationally and in the USA to ensure Silipint products meet and exceed all FDA standards, rules and regulations, as well as maintain design uniformity, optimal product quality.
Are Silipint products environmentally friendly?
You betcha. Like we said above, Silipint products are unbreakable, reusable and, if done properly, recyclable. But again, why would you ever want or need to recycle a product that never breaks or loses its appeal? Silipint products are also eco-friendly because of what they’re made from: silicone is derived from abundant, easily accessible elements (no petroleum). And finally, since Silipint products are unbreakable and reusable, the environmental costs associated with all manufacturing, transportation and packaging are significantly reduced since they’ll only need to be done once. Cheers to that!
What’s not in Silipint products?
Whatever isn’t listed above! So that means there’s no BPA, petroleum (plastics), toxins, or anything else you don’t want in your system.
What are Silipint products made from, specifically?
Let’s get nerdy. Silipint products are made from 100% food-grade silicone, which consists of four, readily available and abundant elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and silicon – the second-most abundant element in the earth’s crust (found in sands & dusts, for example). These elements are heated to create a liquid-like substance which is then cured, hardened and formed into the desired shape. Voila! Let’s drink.
Why silicone?
Why not!? Silicone is a miracle product in that it’s non-porous, non-toxic, contains no BPAs and can withstand temperatures from -150̊ F to 600̊ F. It’s flexible, packable and light; you can freeze it; nuke it; and throw it through the dishwasher. Plus, since our silicone products are unbreakable and reusable, our Mother Earth loves them too. Furthermore, silicone is derived from abundant, easily accessible elements (no petroleum products that need to be drilled for).
Where and how do you ship?
For domestic orders of less than 1,000 units, Silipint ships FOB Los Angeles or Bend, OR. Please allow 10-15 days production time for production orders. Orders of more than 1,000 units typically ship FOB China. Please allow 6-10 weeks for delivery for orders of this size.
Where are Silipint products made?
Silipint products are designed in Bend, Oregon and manufactured overseas or domestically in Idaho or California. Quality control inspections are utilized both internationally and in the USA to ensure Silipint products meet and exceed all FDA standards, rules and regulations, as well as maintain design uniformity providing optimal product quality. Our products are ethically produced in factories that are both ISO 9001 and 12001 compliant for environmental and labor practices, and we have company representatives visit our operations regularly.
Can you create custom molds, different sizes or shapes?
Surely! Please email info@silipint.com to discuss minimum quantity requirements, timelines and feasibility of such proposals. Simply put, we’re super excited to make this happen, however sometimes there are constraints that make these project viable or not.