The Hosts Who Take Hosting Off Your Plate

Author: The Silipint Team

As the magic of the holidays comes to life, our calendars also light up. Going to an event is a real treat, but hosting one is a whole other ballgame.

It’s hard to imagine throwing an extravagant event for dozens of people when cooking for two at home seems like a big chore during this busy time of year.

Red Beer

Don’t show up empty-handed to greet the generous hosts who are tirelessly working to provide food, drink, and merriment (at no cost to your own kitchen or pocket.)

It may be convenient to snag any ol’ bottle off the wine shelf as a hostess gift, and surely this will be appreciated. However, you can easily show sincere gratitude (and possibly avoid a bad wine hangover) by surprising them with Silipints.

When you show up with a set of festive, dishwasher-friendly, unbreakable silicone wine glasses, just the easy grip alone will calm the nerves of any host. Pint glasses may serve them better if they’re beer inclined or need more liquid capacity.

Unbreakable Wine

Furthermore, Silipints can make the host’s night much easier, safer and cleaner by being:

  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Fearless of broken glasses
  • Unique with assorted colors and sizes
  • Great conversation starters
  • The best part of giving Silipints is knowing your hosts are not just popping open a bottle of wine to remember for one great night but will carry their gifts with them on lots of adventures throughout the coming year.

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