Get the most joy out of your hydration with durable drinking cups that are ready to be squeezed, shaken, stirred, and served. Silipints are silicone drinking glasses that bring fun to every occasion. Unbreakable drinking cups for kids of all ages, creative containers, and everyday drinking glasses –they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and all orders of versatility. Why not add color to your cupboard and smiles to sips? Life is better Sili.

Sili Times Near & Far
Win-It-Wednesday! In remembrance this Memorial Day of our past and present service men and women and because the U.S. Rocks, we are offering up our flag pint again. Let's represent. To play, tell us what you love about our fabulous country, like, and share this post. One lucky person will win this flag pint. Winner announced Friday. Good luck! #MemorialDay #Remember #silipint Memorial weekend camping, here we come. #Sililpint #memorialdayweekend #picnic Thanks to all US Military and their families for your heroic service and sacrifices! In celebration of Memorial Day, we are giving away a FREE patriotic shot glass for online orders over $40, while supplies last. Sharing is caring. Win-It-Wednesday! Memorial Day is fast approaching and we like to remember those who have served and those who are currently serving. To Play, tell us about someone who has served or is currently serving in the U.S. military, Like, and Share this post. One lucky person will win this Flag pint for themselves and one to share. Winner announced Friday. Good luck! #weremember #USMilitaryRocks #Silipint #winitwednesday When you just need some quiet. #Silipint #siliuse #quietfun Meet Kevin, our resident Ben Affleck. Yep, he's been called a look alike several times and we like to tease him about it. #Silipint #benafflecklookalike #tease "Nature never did betray the heart that loved her." - William Wordsworth Win-It-Wednesday! No worry about broken glass on our beach days. To Play, tell us why glass is so 2015, Like, and Share this post. Winner will receive a shot and pint in any color. Winner announced Friday. Good luck! #Silipint #bpafree #unbreakable Silipints and candles make a beautiful center piece or lit up walk way. #Silipint #wedding #centerpiece Grow something. #Silipint #siliuse Let your mom do some of this while without interruption while you make her a mimosa. Happy Mother's Day ladies. Silipint's got your back! #motherscelebratedeveryday #silipint #gotyourback If anyone knows this lady on the right, they know she can make a mean margarita! She's a good person to know always, but especially on Cinco de Mayo! Win-It-Wednesday! Since it is almost Mother's Day, let's chat about those irreplaceable ladies in our lives. To Play, tell us why your mom is super special, Like, and Share this post. One lucky person will win 2 Rock's Silipints for themselves and 2 for their mom. Winner announced Friday. Good luck! "Stock" up on your NASCAR Silipints before the season begins. #nascarsprintcup #nascar #silipint Silipint is hiring. Check out our careers page. HTTPS:// Win-It-Wednesday! Playing with your dog burns their energy and strengthens your bond. To Play, Tell us what your furry friend likes to do, Like, and Share this post. One lucky pet will win this Hunter Orange Aqua-Fur Bowl. Yep, that's our bowl folded up. Winner announced Friday! #winitwednesday #silipints #aquafurbowl #loveyourfurryfriend A little love. #Silipint #alittlelove Meet Skye, one of our customer service pros. Skye is always smiling (not just when she's pouring wine). Next time you call @silipint & are greeted with her sweet & chipper voice, you can now put a face to the name! Win-It-Wednesday! We want to encourage to get outside and experience Mother Earth. To Play, Tell us how you spend your time outside, Like, and Share this post. One person will win On the Rocks and Drink Up pints. Winner announced Friday! Good luck. #winitwednesday #silipint #ontherocks #drinkup


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