All Petware – 1L Aqua-Fur Dog Bowl

1L Aqua-Fur Dog Bowl


Ready for any pup-friendly endeavor, the collapsible Aqua-fur silicone dog bowl is foldable and lightweight. Holds a full liter of water, but can also be used as a two liter bucket. Sleek, transformer-like design is hailed for its ultra-portability. Hit the trail, dog park or beach with a carefree, friendly buddy bowl that won’t ever soak your pack. Glow-in-the-dark silicone to help you not kick your pet’s water dish at camp, or on a late night fridge raid.

Color Arctic Sky
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Did You Know?

The Aqua-fur was the first silicone product that our Founder, Rick Fredland brought to market, in 2003.

This unique promotional product idea turned into a patented silicone drinkware company, Silipint, in 2010. We’re still a dog-friendly company, evidenced by up to 10 dogs at our headquarters at any one time.

Lifetime Guarantee.

Made of 100% food-grade, FDA approved, platinum-cured silicone that is free of BPA, BPS and phthalates. They’re 100% safe, durable and will never wear out.

We stand behind our product and if you’re not happy for whatever reason, we’ll refund or replace your products.

Gift With Purchase.

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  • Features:

    1. Easy to clean, matte interior
    2. Thick structural top rim
    3. Grippy matte exterior
    4. Quick-grab side handles
    5. Deep dish holds 1L


    • • Will not break, crack, chip, fade or scratch
    • • Sturdy enough to hold liquids, flexible enough to fold and store
    • • 100% Food-grade, silicone with no fillers or additives
    • • Naturally antimicrobial
    • • Dishwasher safe, microwave safe


    All Silipint products carry a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. If you feel your product is unsatisfactory in any way, we’ll replace it or give you credit up to the invoice cost of the item. Learn more.

    Our products are easy to clean and can take a beating! Rinse with mild detergent soap and warm water; throw them in the dishwasher; or take a garden hose to ’em; All of the above are acceptable wash methods. Occasionally (although rarely) a drink may leave a slight odor in a cup, but that can be remedied with a thorough washing or soaking with baking soda or vinegar. We don’t use any toxic sealants for our Silipint cups so sometimes (though rarely) the silicone can stain with certain drinks, such as coffee or red wine. The best way to avoid this is to choose a cup color that won’t stain with your drink. You can also reduce staining by immediately cleaning you cup after use. If you have a stain that seems to have set in we recommend soaking your cup in 3% Hydrogen Peroxide for 24 hours.

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    View the quick video in the images above on this page, or follow along on the graphic below.

    1. Push/punch the bottom of the bowl through the middle from the bottom
    2. Fold in half
    3. Align the handles first
    4. Hold the halved product by the center point, create thirds by folding one third over the middle handles, then the opposite third over the middle handles.
    5. Fold pizza slice (thirds) in half at the seam, with handle facing outward
    6. Flip handle inside out over the top
    7. Loop handle over the middle point, securing the bowl into a tucked “ball”
    How to fold the Silicone Travel Dog Bowl