One of a kind.

Custom designed Silipints make their way to the center of the conversation every time. Each unique batch we make is exciting. Your design will be emblazoned forever, always looks great, and the material of this product will always impress. We provide a one-of-a-kind treasure that isn’t something anyone will soon forget. Especially because that logo will never come off. Ever.

People who care.

Great service is at the core of what we do and one of our biggest goals. We listen, provide timely feedback and want this process to be fun for you. You’ll receive free digital mockups in any color & ink combo, and not be pressured into anything. Together, let’s create unique custom pint glasses to commemorate and benefit your special project.


Made from abundant materials with 100% safety in mind, you can feel great about providing your friends, co-workers, fans, and clients with a product they will actually use and feel good about using. Because Silipints are earth-friendly, built to last, and safe for all humans, they cross all markets and demographics.


If innovation and versatility complement your industry or market, consider customized silicone glasses. Silipints act as a constant reminder of good times had and those to come. They help represent your brand’s own adventurous and practical values, as well as their own.

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Promotions & Giveaways.

This swag has serious swagger at trade shows, industry conferences, employee events, race prizes, and fundraisers. Customized Silipint shot glasses have over 9 uses – talk about a conversation piece.

Your personalized drinkware travels well and will get used on many occasions. It’s time for your organization to really make a great impression and join the thousands of customers who also love this unique, go-to swag item.

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Celebrations, Events & Fundraisers.

You need the perfect takeaway for your wedding favors, military balls, fundraisers and family reunions, and custom designed Silipints will do that for you! Your next soiree needs personalized wine glasses, custom shot glasses, and commemorative pint glasses. Whether you need help with your artwork or have your own, our graphic designers and print artists will help make your event as timeless as the logo on your Silipints.

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Islamorada Beer Company

Islamorada, FL

They are unique like our company. Silipint is changing the way people think about drinkware. These Silipints are the definition of outdoors, you can take them anywhere, on the boat, hiking or just use them at your house.

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Bravefriend Apparel & Design

Aiken, SC

We love Silipint because they are innovative, quality and environmentally conscious.


72 units minimum for all cups (Per cup size and per unique screen print design)

Choose various cup colors in 24 piece minimums. For example, in a case pack (72 pcs) you can have up to 3 different cup colors with one screen setup fee.

40 units minimum for Dog Bowls (Per unique screen print design)

Choose various colors of Bowls in 20 piece minimums. For example, in a case pack (40 pcs) you can have up to 2 different colors with one screen setup fee.
36 units minimum for
Lids and Straws (our Lids and Straws cannot be customized)

Choose 3 different colors, minimum 24 units per cup color.

Silipint products are printed with silicone-based inks which form a permanent bond with the silicone. This means that logos and artwork will never wear off, scratch, chip, or fade. Silipint products are limited to one-color or two-color (max) prints and include a setup fee per color. On two-color printing, we cannot guarantee perfect alignment between the two colors; however, we can make suggestions on your design to ensure that the best registration between the two colors is achieved. We have a tolerance of +/- ⅛” color registration.

At this time no, we cannot customize with screen printing on our lids. We can customize our straws in volumes of 3,000+ with a 60-90 day lead time. If you would like to order a custom color of silicone for your Silipint lids and/or straws, we require 1,008 piece minimum, and 60-90 day lead time. We cannot do tie-dyed straws, however.

With large volume orders (over 1,008 pcs) and a 60-90 day lead time, we can work together to create a beautiful custom silicone color Silipint in any style. We offer matte finishes in Pints, Shots, Rocks, Bowls and Half Pints, and a polished finish in Bases, Tasters and Wine Cups. We can do opaque, translucent and glow-in-the-dark silicone to meet any creative idea and brand standard. We have FDA-testing available for our products as well as our inks.

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