New - Colors, Prints and Shapes
Discover the latest and greatest at Silipint! New designs, shapes and colors of silicone drinking cups are ready to go wherever the day takes you.
16 oz Original Pint
Find 16 ounces of unbreakable drinking glasses in colors and designs to suit any style. Perfect for everyday cups, special occasions, and customized creations. Your next party or camping trip will illuminate new dimensions in fun and safety.
14 oz Stemless Silicone Wine Glasses
Clearly awesome stemless wine glasses that won’t break. Happy to hold your Sangiovese to your Sauvignon Blanc, you’ll safely “clink” and never break a glass again.
12 oz Tumbler Base
With a sturdy base and thin lip, the 12 oz Base marries an unbreakable stemless wine glass with an elegant rocks tumbler in perfect silicone harmony.
8 oz Kid-friendly Half Pint
Squeeze the day! Our kid proof cups hold 8 ounces of your little ones’ favorite beverage. Better yet, these cups will take a tumble and bounce right back.
9 oz Shorty on the Rocks
Our 9 ounce rock glasses sure pack a punch. An unbreakable option for cocktail glasses and coffee cups alike, rock glasses are always adventure ready.
5.5 oz Sampler Taster Base
Taste the goodness of craft beers and flavorful spirits or juices alike in this slender, cylindrical sampler-sized Silipint.
1.5 oz Not-Just-a-Shot Glass
The preferred multipurpose tool of the well-hydrated, our unique shot glasses are filled with spirits, used as a leak proof bottle topper, and even serve as a golf tee.
Lids and Straws Accessories
Unbreakable drinkware deserves great accessories. Find your favorite lids, colorful straws and more libation-ready gear, here.
Aqua-Fur Dog Bowls
Fill it. Flip it. Fold it. Keep your canines hydrated and your pack light with our indestructible, trail-friendly dog bowl – the Aqua Fur.
Glow-in-the-Dark Silicone
Light up the night with these radiant glow-in-the-dark silicone cups and dog bowls. Your next party or camping trip will illuminate new dimensions in fun and safety.
Deals, Clearance & Closeouts Sale
Find great deals on durable drinkware. Shop the Silipint sales page to get the goods before they are gone.
Hot or cold. A little nip or the whole pint. Add a smile and an occasional squeeze to your life. Shop here for silicone pints, half pints or shorty drinking glasses, and shot glasses that double as a bottle topper. Grab it. Squeeze it. Pour it. Drink it up!